How to Make Money With AccountNow Prepaid Cards

Here is about some information that I just saw about account now Visa debit card replacement essentially, this just came across, a good friend of mine just shared this with me today, and I thought it would be a great value.


What AccountNow can do for you

Those of us who are making money online or dealing with people that need to make money online or need an account to receive funds online or just people that need a bank account period. A lot of people in that situation and so just want to highlight what account now can do for you and how you can make money referring people to account now credit and debit card services.

What's so great about this, most people have messed up their bank account either in the past or they don't want to mess up their bank account, so they don't want to do complete offers on there or fill out things online, and they're looking for a safe method of doing online transactions.

The key points of the account

We just quick highlight the key points of the account. Now the card is that you get to bypass your bank account if you have a bank account already that's great. But you can have an additional account that you can store funds in, you can make a direct deposit in for certain jobs or certain contracted positions you're dealing with, you can have safe online transactions.

A lot of people don't want to do online transactions with their main bank account because they're worried about fraud or identity theft and things like that, and here you don't have to worry about that at all. Also, this thing works wherever your visa or your MasterCard works.

You can pay for anything really with this card and the funds that you put on this card, there's no credit check to receive an account now card. A lot of people ask me that there's their credit check, they're going to run, my credit knows also there are no overdraft fees. I know a lot of people like that if you can avoid overdraft fees and this will help you absolutely, never have to deal with that.

Why people want to share this with other people

Now, why would you be somebody who wants to share this with other people? This is something you share with your friends anyway, however, the company for a limited time is offering some bonuses for referring this, and they've chosen to build their membership base through referral marketing.


They're not doing advertising, you're not going to see TV commercials for them, they're paying us to share this with our friends and our family and our network, and what they will do is to get started. There's no cost, it's free, you just register for an account as I'm going to do right here.

I'm going to show you the process and register for an account, and after you register for an account you'll get a net account now card with ten dollars on it for you to spend any way, you choose now if you add ten dollars to the account and activate your account, you're good to go.

The person who referred the account to you gets paid

But the person who referred the account to you gets paid twenty dollars for every referral. Now that you've become an account now member and user, and you've used it a little bit, you see how it works, you see all the benefits of it, you can go ahead and share that same, you have a little promo code right here.

This is the person who shared it with me, that's their promo code, you'll get one as well, and everybody you share the account now cards with you will be paid a twenty-dollar referral, and they will be paid ten dollars for just getting signed up for the account.

It's a win-win situation, if you share this with 10 people this month, 10 broke people or 10 people who need a net and account now account and don't want to use their bank account, you will be paid two hundred dollars like that.

A place to send their direct deposit

Now another exciting thing is a lot of people want a place to send their direct deposit to guys, when you sign up for this they are now giving you a twenty-five dollar bonus just for connecting this with an employer, direct deposit employer, also they'll take your Medicaid or Social Security unemployment.

You can have all that funneled into this card instead of your bank account, just for signing up, for any of the direct deposit accounts they will pay you a twenty-five dollar bonus. The way I look at it, they're always paying you, you're never paying them, it sounds like a good deal to me now.


Setting up an account

Let's just go through setting up an account, so you can see, put your path here, your address in here, your zip code, your phone number, you register for an account, basically make sure that that's the right referral code and that person will get paid, and click that you agree to terms and conditions.

You click Submit, it will then take you to this page over here, where you literally can sign up for the direct deposit, click here for your paycheck, click here for any of the benefits.

Like I said, Medicaid Social Security Medicare disability you can have these go directly to this card, instead of to your bank account or to some other card that you don't get paid on, you can also put money on there through money Graham Western Union Green Dot.

All these different locations you can put money on there, and it does not cost you a dime or you can transfer from another bank account. I'm just going to end it there.

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Learn How You Can EARN Money with AccountNow:

Free Money AccountNow $20

Free Money AccountNow $20

The prepaid debit cards are called account now prepaid card, start referring your friends by the time, you get your card, they get theirs, and you start getting free easy money. This card is easy and it's simple.

AccountNow Prepay Card Review

AccountNow Prepay Card Review

This is describing an experience on Account Now, after the ATM ate the card, he requests a new replacement card, but it needed driver´s license, the front of the card after telling them that ATM ate the card, they still need him to fax in the front of the card, so give the suggestion not use Account Now.

AccountNow Visa Card SCAM!

AccountNow Visa Card SCAM!

It is found two methods online of making money, and these are not tested yet, one is called drop shipping, the other is called music record, now I don´t know if these work, the thing is if you don´t have a credit card debit card, it´s really not going to work online making money, because you need somewhere for whatever company you´re working for to put that money in.